Welcome to Fleet Support Group (FSG) Training Home!


This is a secure site that requires user authentication. If you have been notified by your department, program manager, or FSG Training Administrators about training requirements, please follow the below steps in receiving access to this system:

Contact your supervisor.
In order to gain access to this training system, you should ask your supervisor to request an account from FSG Training Coordinator.
FSG will register you as an authorized user.
Once FSG Training Coordinator receives approval from your supervisor, an account will be issued to you with a temporary password. The information will be communicated with your supervisor.
Time to log in...
Your supervisor will provide you the necessary information for an initial log-in session. Remember, you will have to change your temporary password the first time you log into FSG Training site.
Complete your required training.
You are directed to the list of available training courses. Please complete your assigned training course, and remember to log out of this system and close all your browser sessions.
If you have completed steps 1 and 2, please click the "LOGIN" button.